New Splinter Cell game

Ubisoft has been hinting us with the possible return of fan-favorite franchise, Splinter Cell back to its original route. Everything we can ever wish for, hopefully, the Ubisoft teams will deliver.

A new Remake from the Bluepoint

We all know that the Shadow of the Colossus has been one of the highest if not the highest rated games of the year! Showing the great games are not dead, Bluepoint Games did a fantastic job with its remake of the Shadow of the Colossus and they already have a new remake on the way. The rumors say that the next remake is Metal Gear Solid’s remastered version. Let’s hope, the people behind these words are saying the truth.

Gears of War 5

Back in October 2016, Gears of War 4 was launched. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has said that the “wonderful things” are coming from the studios behind the GoW 4. All we want is at least a glimpse of a little teaser for the new Gears of War game. Is it too much to ask for?

Pokemon Switch

Oh boy, Nintendo has several big titles in the development and Pokemon for the Switch might be one of them. Imagine playing Pokemon on the go? That’s all we need! C’mon Nintendo, we are waiting.

Fable Reboot

Seriously, I don’t know what are they waiting for? Where is the Fable Reboot? This franchise was one of the standing ‘legs’ for Microsoft and it needs to come back completely rebooted. It is known that the new studio that was opened by the Forza Horizon developer, Playground Studios has been working on an open-world action RPG game. Is it possible that we are finally getting a reboot of this beloved franchise? The time will tell.


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