PowerColor,  the AMD’s excusive AIBs, who have already made arguably some of the best custom RX Vega cards like the RX Vega 64 Red Dragon will present another card at Computex. While not being an official Nano SKU from AMD this is PowerColor’s has custom RX Vega 56 called “Nano Edition” so unfortunately AMD won’t be pushing for Nano cards as we may have expected at this time. This news comes a few weeks ahead of Computex 2018 from Taiwan, PowerColor has confirmed that the Nano Edition will be ready to launch and will likely be sold in the near future.

PowerColor Confirms RX Vega 56 “Nano Edition” is about to launch

Unfortunately no technical details were revealed but we have a new picture showing the standard power connectors for a RX Vega 56, a single 8 pin and one 6 pin. The big difference between this and others RX Vega 56 cards is the single fan as other cards have been able to push a smaller PCB. Also looking at the picture we really hope to see some RX Vega Nano branding  on the card, as the current one looks pretty dull and kinda cheap. That being said if pricing is very good this can be forgiven.

Many have expected a cards similar to the AIBs, since HBM does make the GPU package very compact. Unfortunately at this time only PowerColor has this idea, it probably has a lot to do with the current demand for graphics cards, the high price of HBM and low production. Getting back to the card specifically we know very little when it comes to specifications but we see three DisplayPorts and a single HDMI in the picture.

Pricing And Availability

At this time pricing details are scant but we should get much more information around Computex which will be starting from June 5th till 8th


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