We are announcing that Life2Game.info has update Community rules!

Those rules are related to the two sections :

  • Global community rules – Must be obeyed on every part of community.
  • Team Speak 3 server rules – Custom rule sets for the Team Speak 3 server and it’s members.

Global community rules :

1. Services

  • Life2Game.info is non-profit organisation that provides Game / Voice servers !
  • All our services are completely free.
  • No one will every ask you to pay for any kind of services provided by Life2game.info
  • Life2Game.info hosts free voice/game/web servers.
  • Main goal is to gather gamers from all over the world at one place, just to make fun even greater.
  • Every server hosted by Life2Game.info is owned by Life2Game.info staff.
  • Life2Game.info does not host servers for 3rd party members.
  • Our developing team is working on news,better and faster services everyday.
  • You can become part of Life2Game.info staff if you meet the criteria.

2. Abusing

  • Abusing means “Usage of non-standard power for personal or 3rd party gain,avoiding community rules”
  • You are not permitted to abuse any privileges granted by Life2Game.info.
  • You / Your account may be suspended if you do so.
  • Minimal punishment for abuse is deducting powers.

3. Mission

  • Out mission is to provide everything for free to the every member.
  • Free Game servers.
  • Free Voice servers.
  • Free softwares.
  • Create unique and huge community.
  • We are educating every member of our community to do so.

4. Bug usage

  • You are not allowed to use bugs in our services.
  • If you find and of them, in that case you will avoid using it and report to the server administrators.
  • Any bug usage will not be tolerated.

Team Speak 3 server rules set :

1. Use of Team Speak 3

  • Every IP address is allowed to be connected to the Team Speak 3 for maximum 5 times at once.
  • Each client can have one private room and one clan room.
  • Each client can get permission “L2G.info DJ” which allows you to use our public MusicBots.
  • Each client with “L2G.info DJ” can use maximum one public MusicBot at once.
  • Each room is allowed to have only one L2G.info Public MusicBot at room at the same time,no matter how much members particular room has.
  • Every UID is stored in our database and it’s statistics: Nickname, UID, Online time, Active time, Idle time, Client version, OS version, OS build, Geo-location, IP Address. Nothing else is stored and tracked via our system.
  • Every single member has its own statistics in our system.Statistics are public and can be accessed by anyone,anytime.

2. Content

  • Clients are not allowed to use offensive nicks, offensive room names, offensive topics, offensive descriptions, offensive avatars and offensive chat.
  • Clients are not allowed to advertise anything via our protocols.
  • Clients are not allowed to use avatars which associates to pornography, racism, politicism, massacre, genocide, annihilation, decimation, ehnic cleaning, mass execution etc.

3. Abuse

  • Clients with move powers are not allowed to move another client without asking them or having a valid reason as an admin.
  • Clients are not allowed to spam to any of Team Speak protocols (Chat,Poke,Query functions etc.).
  • Team Speak powered clients (Moderators, Administrators) are not allowed to judge,and can only conduct existing Life2Game.info rules.
  • Clients are not allowed to use fake nicks to access the server (Other members nicknames) .

4. Sanctions

  • Having more than one bot in the room — Removing permission “L2G.info DJ”.
  • Offensive content — Ban (Access restriction) 2 hours.
  • Advertising — Ban (Access restriction) lifetime (permanent).
  • Abusing — Permission deduction (Removing particular permission).
  • Flaming — Ban (Access restriction) 2 hours.
  • Spamming — Ban (Access restriction) 30 minutes.
  • Fake nick — Ban (Access restriction) 2 hours.
  • Continuous rule break #1 — Ban (Access restriction) 24 hours.
  • Continuous rule break #2 — Ban (Access restriction) lifetime (permanent).


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